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The American Hospitality Academy (AHA) is a full-service education and training company that delivers comprehensive programs designed specifically for the hospitality industry. AHA is unique in its ability to meet the needs of three distinct yet related client groups worldwide - students, professionals and corporations.

Founded in 1986, AHA has become the leading internship provider in the USA placing thousands of students from around the world in premier resorts and hotels. In 2005, AHA championed SERVLEAD (Service Leadership in a Multicultural Workplace,) the first Global Internship Certification and Training Manual in the world that combines both the leadership and cultural awareness skills necessary to compete in today's global economy. It was produced in partnership with the Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA) and educators from around the globe.

AHA's second publication "Service Basics: A Guide to Developing Positive Work Ethics in a Multicultural Environment" is also a hospitality industry first. Published in May 2006, The Service Basics Manual and Workbook stress the importance of strong work ethics in today's global industry.

In 2006, AHA established AHA-International Hotel Management Schools (AHA-IHMS) as a way to better serve the needs of the international community for world-class hospitality education. AHA-IHMS is a growing global network of private career colleges linked by a common vision and mission and academic goals. These campuses provide two-year Diploma programs in International Hospitality Management and International Culinary Arts.

In 2009, seeing the possibilities, freedom and flexibility that new web-based technologies could offer, AHA developed it's proprietary Online World Campus - a safe, secure, and easy to use online learning and management system. World Campus provides access to AHA's two year Diploma in International Hospitality Management as well as a series of Certificate programs that address essential management and service skills.

Participants can study in a global, multicultural classroom and participate in the World Campus professional networking community where they can engage in global discussions, share ideas, cultures, best practices and gain access to valuable training information.

In 2010, AHA introduced "a ha! University" an online customer service and corporate training division.Through World Campus, "a ha!" university provides extensive professional development and corporate training products and services, including customized programs, access to AHA Certificate Programs and online training.

Community involvement, caring about the future and making a difference in the world are all highly valued by AHA. The company's overall vision has always been "to create a better world through education, integrity and cultural understanding". Accordingly, in 2006 AHA created the World Peace Passport (WPP), a non-profit organization whose global education initiatives aim to connect students and teachers around the world in a common study of cultural understanding.

It is through these ongoing initiatives and willingness to move not only with, but ahead of the times, that AHA has maintained its commitment to providing universal access to quality education and training relevant to current and future needs. It is proud of its pioneering spirit in developing leading-edge programs relevant to the needs of individuals and industry in the 21st century.




Executive Teamr


Cindi Reiman, President, AHA
The American Hospitality Academy's founder and President, Ms. Cindi Reiman, has spent over 25 years perfecting the art of hospitality training. Her practical methodologies, inspirational philosophies, and dedication to excellence have earned her the respect and admiration of hospitality industry leaders, hospitality educators, and literally thousands of young AHA graduates around the world.

Corazon Gatchalian, Ph.D. CHE
Corazon is an academic leader recognized throughout the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific region. Dr. Gatchalian is Professor of Hospitality Management at the University of the Philippines, the country's premier university, and the former Chair of the Department of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management. All AHA programs have been designed and created with her expert advice, input and leadership. Dr. Gatchalian is also a founding partner of AHA's International Hotel Management School network.

Samir Thapa, CHE
Samir Thapa, CHE is the founder and Principal of the AHA Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management in Kathmandu, the premier hotel school in Nepal. He was the first Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) in Nepal, an industry recognized qualification that enables him to teach hospitality management worldwide, and holds an MBA in Hospitality Management from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, USA. Mr. Thapa is also a founding partner of the AHA-International Hotel Managements Schools' network.

Karin Morrison, Vice President AHA
Karin has over 15 years of human resources experience in the travel industry. She was the Regional director of Human Resources for Interstate Hotels and Resorts, overseeing the HR functions at 5 large resorts with over 2500 employees. Before joining AHA she worked at major hotels including the Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton and independent luxury resorts. As a HR professional, she oversaw employee relations, policy development, benefit administration and recruitment, both international and domestic. As VP of ePrograms of the American Hospitality Academy, she spearheads all new online program development for AHA's eCampus including the design and online implementation of the CHP program.

April Burns, Vice President AHA
April has been with AHA for 20 years and has been instrumental in our growth and success over the years. She holds a degree in Parks and Recreation Management from Western Carolina University with a concentration in Travel and Tourism. After graduating she joined the AHA Team and has grown from a Resort Activities Intern to Vice President of Operations. As she has advanced with AHA, April has had the opportunity to work with thousands of college students completing their internship, oversee and lead our management team and traveled the world to help develop our programs globally. She is also involved in the development and design of our online educational program and courses on our World Campus. April has established essential relationships with resorts, universities and students around the world.

Katie A. Huffstetler, AHA Director of Training and Curriculum Development
Katie holds a degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky. She has worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. She is a Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS) and Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT), two internationally recognized certifications that qualified her to take on a senior managerial role and train industry personnel. In 1997, after working with the Hyatt Hotel Corporation, she joined AHA. In her current position as Director of Training and Curriculum Development for AHA corporate, she oversees the development and implementation of all AHA training

Richard Skinner, Director of Recruitment
Richard has over 10 years of Recruitment and Training experience in the Hospitality Industry. He has worked at many hospitality brands including Intercontinental, Starwood, Hilton, independent luxury resorts as well as many Michelin star restaurants worldwide. As a Recruitment and Training professional, he has overseen the marketing, recruitment, placement and training of hundreds of hospitality professionals both domestic and internationally. Richard successfully managed AHA programs in Orlando, Florida, Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head Island South Carolina, In 2008 Richard was made Director of Operations for the AHA Internship program. As Director of Recruitment for the American Hospitality Academy, he oversees our global network of recruiters and international schools assisting with the marketing and promotions of all AHA Programs.


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